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The problems of Asthma and Allergy

Asthma and allergy disorders are one of the fastest rising health problems today, especially in children. In the UK, 5.2 million people suffer from asthma that is 1 in 5 households. Allergies - ranging from sensitivity to household dust, pets and grass pollen which produce sneezing, running nose, itching, to more serious problems such as allergy to peanuts and other substances which in extreme cases can cause death - are more and more common.

Common symptoms

Most sufferers experience symptoms such as:
• Hayfever - sniffles, sore eyes and itchy throat in Summer
• Rhinitis - sneezing, runny nose         
• Eczema and skin rashes
These problems can ruin daily lives at home, school or work.

Common allergy causes include:

• House dust mites - which occur in bedding and carpets
• Pets - cats and dogs
• Pollen - grass, birch, oak and other pollen
• Spores - fungal spores in the air
• Food - some people are allergic to dairy products, eggs, colourings and additives, and nuts, especially peanuts
• Rubber products - latex gloves
Finding the cause of these problems is expensive and this is why we need the support of the community.

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